Ultra Fiord® – Ultra Trail Patagonia, Torres del Paine, Chile

Ultra Fiord®

3 FEBRUARY, 2024

55K - 42K - 30K - 16K

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55K - 42K - 30K - 16K
SINCE 2015
  • It has the potential to be a big, classic world race.
    Jeff Browning (USA)
  • A world in which the sensations and emotions are heightened.
    Anne-Marie Dunhill (Sleep Monsters)
  • Ultra Fiord not only was the best race I have ever done. It was the best scenery I have ever experienced.
    Genís Zapater (Spain)
  • A wild, tough and strong race, suitable for those who are mentally tough and have a powerful heart.
    Enzo Ferrari (Chile)
  • Today I experienced a race with the best landscapes I have ever seen.
    Mike Leal (Spain)
  • The glaciers and high peaks were obviously the most impressive, but every corner of this route had its charm.
    Marcos Ferro (Argentina)
An Epic Journey into the Magical World of Fjords

Sine its origin, Ultra Fiord® surprised the trail running world with its trails in one of the most remote and wild zones throughout Patagonia. A few of the most iconic images have been of the high-mountain passes, the glacier crossings, the pristine forests, and the views towards and fjords and mountains in Torres del Paine National Park.

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Eighth Edition | 55K - 42K - 30K - 16K

The race routes are located in the same wild area that has marked the character of Ultra Fiord® since its first edition. The new model that began in 2022 allows us to access additional lookouts with amazing panoramic views. The race distances for this new summer edition will be: 55K, 42K, 30K & 16K.

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The Fjords | One of the country’s best-kept secrets

The term "Ultra Fiord" is the result of the combination between two concepts: Ultra and Fiord. Ultra, in a sports context, is associated with challenges that go beyond usual limits. The other term, which defines the foundation of this Ultra Trail Running, is Fiord (Fjord), or Fiordo in Spanish, and is used to highlight the many fjords located in Chilean Patagonia.

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