A tremendous, wild, tough, and strong race, suitable for those who truly are mentally strong and have a powerful heart. My goal was to finish, and, in the best case scenario, finish amongst the top 5. I had the opportunity of finishing second, not for being the fastest, the most trained, or the most capable, this was perseverance, toughness, mind, mind, and mind, convincing myself that there are no more limitations that one could put; today, i am a person more prepared from what I went through last week. Read the entire blog HERE

100 Miles — 33:45:21 — 2nd Place

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Enzo FerrariChile

Enzo Ferrari Ultra Fiord 2015 Finish Line

Xavier ThevenardFrance

This trail is unique. It’s hard to describe some emotions or sensations that you experience during a trail, because everyone has their own feelings and lives their own experience. Thus, I’m convinced that the only way to understand what a runner lives and feels during a trail, especially a trail like Ultra Fiord in Patagonia, is to take part in it yourself. Endurance sports are true introspection, not only on yourself, but also on your family, your environment, and the world you live in. Therefore I’m going to describe this unique route through Patagonia.

Read the whole recap HERE

70K — 8:46:00 — 1st Place

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Xavier Thevenard Ultra Fiord 2015 Patagonia Chile

Jeff Browning United States

That was the most technical 100 mile course I’ve ever seen. Great event! Mud bogs, peet bogs. Super rocky, glacier travel, butt slide, crevasse jumping, Class 4 scrambling. Full on bush whacking, broke a pole, wore every layer in my pack. Stocked for another hundred mile win (well, 108 mile, I guess). Special day. Had a dude from Chile push me through 100k mark, trading lead. Middle 70k was off the hook hard….

Read the full recap on Ultra Fiord’s Facebook HERE

100 Miles — 24:25:39 — 1st Place

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Jeff Browning Ultra Fiord 2015 Patagonia Chile

Brittany Dick United States

I am so happy. An unreal and incredibly long, exhausting day and night on a course so burly and wild it was (literally) laughable. Knee-deep mud (and mud pits) everywhere, grandiose glaciers, endless bogs, up and over mountain peaks, scree fields, snow fields, class 3 and 4 scrambling, dozens of river crossings – one chest deep through glacial runoff, rain, fog, mist, slippery ascents and descents, rocks and roots, dense forests, sharp and unforgiving branches, bushwhacking, and just plain mean-ness…..
Ended up with a very happy 2nd place (5th place overall including the men) to Krissy, who crushed it per usual. 21 hours and 30 minutes of being worked to the absolute core through the Patagonia wilderness has come to an end……Read the full status HERE

100K — 21:32:38 — 6th (2nd) Place

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Brittany Dick Finish Line Ultra Fiord 2015 Patagonia Chile

Jaime Hume Chile

Every picture that appears, brings a story with it: fugacious passages from an endless story, as long as the distance you ran. A story that doesn’t want to end, a race that brings him to a new limit, that race that he had never run, that race with two nights, that race at the end of the World, this extreme and wild race in the land of the Patagonians….That race where Trail Running along with the runner would be carried into another dimension. His mind and body confronted a wild and extreme fight, as the race’s environment itself, where the mind must govern the body through the will to lead it to the finish of your dreams…..Read the full testimony HERE

100 Miles — 37:33:48 — 7th Place

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Jaime Hume Ultra Fiord 2015 Patagonia Chile

…..I had decided to target the inaugural Ultra Fiord in Chilean Patagonia because it was being held by the same race director who organizes the Patagonia Expedition Race – once heralded by National Geographic as “The last wild race.” There were whisperings coming up from the south about glacier travel, of swimming across rivers and of puma sightings. It was something I wanted to be a part of…..Read Matt’s full recap HERE

100K — 17:27:45 — 2nd Place

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Matt Maynard England

Matt Maynard Ultra Fiord 2015 Patagonia Chile

Candice Burt United States

From Candice Burt’s Facebook…..
The Ultra Fiord 108 mi (173K) Loved it: mountain pass traversing, class 4 climbing, glacier traverses, mud & bogs to thighs, significant portions off trail, incredible mountain scenery, a true adventure! I got the win and 5th overall! Toughest race I’ve ever done and I want to go back!
Read the whole status HERE

100 Miles — 37:12:15 — 5th (1st) Place

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Candice Burt Ultra Fiord 2015 Patagonia Chile

Manuela Vilaseca Brazil

Ultra Fiord ended up being the “Ultra Trail” version of the Patagonian Expedition Race.
I crossed the finish line very happy, full of energy, celebrating the feat. It was a mixed feeling of satisfaction and relief. I was happy to have arrived well, no big scare, and for being the first women to finish the 70 kilometers and fourth overall. It was a very difficult test, in an inhospitable region….Read the rest HERE

70K — 11:45:00 — 4th (1st) Place

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Manu Vilaseca Ultra Fiord 2015 Patagonia Chile

I am happy with my first attempt at 100 miles in a wild, extreme test, yet no less beautiful, at the end of the world. Running alongside tremendous athletes has been a lesson to continue acquiring experience, leaving as an equal, and one must dare to be ahead in order to improve….Read the whole testimony HERE

100 Miles — DNF

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Emmanuel Acuña Chile

Emmanuel Acuña Facebook Ultra Fiord 2015 Patagonia Chile

Ariela Cárdenas Chile

Tremendous 30K trail running race, would 100% recommend it. I enjoyed it the whole time, sometimes encountering obstacles such as mud, which you could fall in if you didn’t pass through it well (I fell a few times). The famous mud and peet bogs, that sometimes came up to your waist, forcing you to leave by using the branches and continuing with the adventure, neither the river crossings nor the feeling of cold were pleasurable, being wet up to the knees; however, with that being said, the environment around us was beautiful, and once more, fills me with joy, pride, satisfaction, knowing that one achieves what one intends, in addition to obtaining good results….Read her whole account HERE

30K — 4:35:10 — 15th (2nd) Place

Scuderiamosso's Photo of Ariela Mansilla Ultra Fiord 2015 Patagonia Chile

Sylvaine Cussot France

In order to understand this outside-the-normal experience, you have to live it. The word “trail” does not fit, better to reference an “expedition.” The goal of this article is not to dissuade you from participating in the next Ultra Fiord editions, but that this race, on the contrary, becomes a personal challenge that brings together many different aspects, such as personal triumph. Only that you should be aware that it is a completely different race than those you run every weekend. It requires a physical and mental preparation that can’t be minimised…..Read the whole post HERE

70K — 13:42:00 — 9th (2nd) Place

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Sylvaine Cussot Ultra Fiord 2015 Patagonia Chile

Rafael Lim Argentina

5 months of training were spent to obtain this medal; it is the toughest Ultra I have ever run. I experienced tremendous physical and psychological wear and tear in the 114km, with 4.000m. I lived the longest day of my life, 29 hours and 4 minutes. Thinking of my kids during the night in the mountain, and of Pablito’s phrase, are what moved my legs. “Pa, a mountain runner never quits.”

100K — 29:04:01 — 20th Place

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…the answer is that discovering something new should be within oneself. It should begin on a journey, and be taken both in full and in peace, knowing that you will become a better person in each moment. Many people question the pain and physical suffering, and I respond that it ends the moment you cross the finish line; the feeling of completing this challenge will last for months…Read the rest HERE

100K — 16:50:27 — 1st Place

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Fernando Nazário Brazil

Fernando Nazario Ultra Fiord 2015 Patagonia Chile

JC Pastén Chile

There is a gap between running 100 miles in the convenience of Central Chile and running 100 miles in one of the extreme parts of the country. This is the event’s most attractive feature; it makes you leave your comfort zone, feel your painful legs, feel the cold, and wish to reach the next aid station… this is the wild and extreme Ultra Fiord, a race created for experienced trail runners. If you are only a beginner, go back to the streets!
Read the article HERE

100 Miles — DNF

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JC Pasten Ultra Fiord 2015 Patagonia Chile

The adventure began with the chance to contest in Ultra Fiord’s 70k.
The first factor was without a doubt the place, the location. Patagonia is one of the world’s mountaineer meccas. The second reason was NIGSA and Stjepan Pavicic, a Chilean that leads great, organized mountain challenges that are both large and well-mounted around the globe.
Read the rest HERE

70K — 11:34:00 — 3rd Place

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Genis Zapater Ultra Fiord 2015 Patagonia Chile

Ultra Fiord is the best race I have ever run

Read the Full Article HERE

70K — 10:02:00 — 2nd Place

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Pere Aurell Ultra Fiord 2015 Patagonia Chile

Enzo Amato Brazil

…I felt as if I was first, the arrival was as emotional as the last 28 hours, comprised of good and bad moments, but without a doubt, is something i am not going to forget. I could not complete any 114km, which was already enough, if not the 114km of Ultra Fiord’s inaugural edition…
Read the rest HERE

100K — 27:58:05 — 17th Place

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This is a very challenging race course and, in my opinion, more of an adventure run than a running race. Runners should be prepared for all weather and terrain conditions imaginable because it is likely you will experience them. I’d recommend this race to those in search of true adventure. You need a resilient spirit that welcomes the test of your physical and mental limits.

100K — 19:31:27 — 4th Place (1st Place)

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Krissy Moehl Ultra Fiord 2015 Patagonia Chile

Veronica Rojas Ecuador

…The most beautiful, technical, intense, wild, hard, and enriching experience that I have lived until today… It took me beyond what I imagined physically, mentally, and spiritually…

70K — 18:52:00 — 15th Place (4th Place)

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Veronica Rojas Ultra Fiord 2015 Patagonia Chile

“…During those timeless hours, I traveled to the most incredible place I could be, with endless climbs, including majestic sceneries of the fjords and parts of the glaciers. Descending by rocks with stone blocks, as if they were ruins of an ancient fortress…”

Author: Trail Chile

70K — 21:56:00 — 21st Place

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Matías Bull Chile

Matias Bull Ultra Fiord 2015 Patagonia Chile

Karina Palomino Peru

“Upon setting foot in Puerto Natales, I fell in love. I think that’s what happened to the majority. Everyone was received by you with a smile, and many runners felt the same. With a spectacular view, it was the perfect scenery for a race! And truthfully, and without going into more details, I was terrified!”

100K — 28:32:18 — 19th Place (4th Place)

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Karina Palomino Ultra Fiord 2015 Patagonia Chile

Katherine Cañete Chile

“Now that I have run by such beautiful places, which are worthy of appearing in Lord of the Rings, I am not able to, nor do I want to, erase them from my mind… Before Ultra Fiord…There were technical races, others fast, some beautiful, others that had a little of everything… Today, my concept of beauty in a race is pristine, wild, untamed, and demanding, which defined Ultra Fiord.”

100K — 27:12:06 — 15th Place (3rd Place)

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Katherine Canete Ultra Fiord 2015 Patagonia Chile

“Pavicic has a childlike zeal for exploration and a tangible obsession with the most rugged parts of Patagonia. You can look in his eyes and sense his desire to provide people with life-changing, on-the-edge experiences through his races. Needless to say, Ultra Fiord is a good example.”

100K — 22:36:19 — 8th Place

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Willie McBride United States

Willie McBride UF (Rodolfo Soto Fotografia) Ultra Fiord 2015 Patagonia Chile

Francisca González Chile

“Arriving at the finish line after 5 hours of mud, trails, rivers, and an incredible scenery….My euphoric face said it all…. Beyond happy!!!…Wonderful experience!!!”

30K — 5:06:02 — 22nd Place (5th Place)

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“Whatever happens with the future of this ultramarathon, this inaugural edition will surely become a legend in the world of ultrarunning….”

70K — 19:05:00 — 16th Place (5th Place)

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Jacqueline Windh Canada

Jacqueline Windh Ultra Fiord 2015 Patagonia Chile

“Minutes before the start of Ultra Fiord … we were just about to run one of the hardest ultras in the world…”

100K — DNF

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Harry Thomas Facebook Ultra Fiord 2015 Patagonia Chile

Marcelo Sinoca Brazil

“Tests such as this show us how big and imposing nature really is…”

“A really wild run!”

70K — 12:36:00 — 6th Place

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Marcelo Sinoca Ultra Fiord 2015 Patagonia Chile