APRIL 2017

Adventure Magazine

Adv MagThe Hardest Race I´ve Lived and the Hardest Race I´ve Finished – 25 AprilBrazil

Adv MagIf You are Looking for a Beautiful and Demanding Race, Ultra Fiord is Your Choice – 14 AprilBrazil

Adv MagUltra Fiord 2017 – Fernando Nazario – 13 AprilBrazil

Ahora Calafate

AhoraCalafateRafael Lim Found #MiMejorVersion in Ultra Fiord 160KM — 12 AprilArgentina

AS Aventura

As AventuraUltra Fiord, the Extreme Race that will take Place in Patagonia – 2 AprilChile

As AventuraI´ve Competed in 5 Continents, but Ultra Fiord is the Wildest – 4 AprilChile

As AventuraThis will be the most demanding stretch of Trail Running in Patagonia – 5 AprilChile

As AventuraThe Intense Security that will be Available in Ultra Fiord – 6 AprilChile

As AventuraPiotr Hercog, Ultra Fiord´s New 100-Mile Winner – 8 AprilChile

Blog Do Harry

Blog Do HarryUltra Fiord: A Mental UltraTrail – 16 AprilBrazil

Carreras de Montana

Carreras de MontanaUltraFiord 2017 – 8 AprilSpain

Carreras de MontanaUltraFiord 2017 (50K-70K-100K-100MI) – 7 AprilSpain

Do Iúri Totti

Blog DoiuritottiAthlete’s Space: Report by Weliton Carius, 100km runner-up
of Ultra Fiord 2017 in Patagonia 18 April

Dzien Dobry TVN

Dzien Dobry TVNIn Chile, 170 km through glaciers, swamps and lakes – 19 AprilPoland

El Pinguino

El PinguinoUltra Fiord, mountain race to take place in Patagonia, beings — 5 AprilChile

Envion Deportivo

Envion DeportivoDiego Rivero in Ultra Fiord 2017 — 23 AprilArgentina

Jornal Corrida

Jornal CorridaChoices – by Ligia Almeida — AprilBrazil

Jornal CorridaUltra Fiord: In the Company of our Greatest Demons and
Best Angels — April

Jornal CorridaLessons I Learned at Ultra Fiord — AprilBrazil

Jornal CorridaAmong Giants — AprilBrazil

Magallanes Deportes

Magallanes DeportesPiotr Hercog from Poland wins Ultra Fiord 2017´s 100-Mile Race – 10 AprilChile

La Fragua Run

La Fragua RunUltra Fiord 2017, Underway – AprilVenezuela

Mud Sweat Trails

Mud Sweat TrailsUltra Fiord Patagonia – Race report – 17 AprilHolland

La Prensa Austral

La Presna AustralMore than 260 Athletes Participated in the Third Edition of the Extreme
Race, Ultra Fiord – 6 April

La Presna AustralExtreme sports, a New Edge of Tourism Promotion – 7 AprilChile

Outdoor Magazyn

Outdoor MagazynPiotr Hercog takes off at Ultra Fiord over a distance of 100 miles – 5 AprilPoland

Policía Ecuador

Policia EcuadorThe only Ecuadorian, a Policeman, who crossed the finish line of
Ultra Fiord 2017 in Patagonia – 12 April

Polska Biega

Polska BiegaPiotr Hercog Wins Ultra Fiord in Patagonia – 10 AprilPoland

Radio Magallanes

Radio MagallanesThe Favorites to Win Ultra Fiord´s Third Edition – 4 AprilChile

Radio Sport

Radio SportUltra Fiord´s Third Edition Arrives for High Performance Atheltes – 5 AprilChile


Raid LightAn Epic Journey Into The Magical World of Fiords… – 11 AprilSouth Africa

Re-corriendo Montañas

Re-Corriendo MontanasThe End of a Great Beginning – 22 AprilChile

Run and Travel

Run and TravelPiotr Hercog Wins Ultra Fiord 2017 – AprilPoland


SisuGirlTraileuseUltra Fiord 50k, Patagonia – 8 AprilBelgium

Solo Running

Solo RunningUltra Fiord: And Byron Allowed Us to Pass — AprilChile

Sleep Monsters

Sleep MonstersThe Finish Of The 100 Mile Race — AprilUK

Sleep MonstersThe Start Of The 100 Mile Race — AprilUK

Sleep MonstersA Last Minute Route Change On The 100 Mile Race — AprilUK

Sleep MonstersInto The Fortress: The 70km Race — AprilUK

Sleep Monsters50Km, A Dual Challenge — AprilUK

Sleep MonstersThe Third Edition Of Ultra Fiord With Some Noteable Changes — AprilUK

Trails Endurance

Trail EnduranceUltra Fiord 2017 – 10 AprilBrazil

UltraMania de Corredor

UltraMania de CorredorUltrafiord, an Unforgettable Race! – 20 AprilBrazil

World Trail Runners

World Trail RunnersUltra Fiord 2017 – 14 AprilGermany

World Trail Runners50km and the Patagonian Climate in Ultra Fiord´s Third Edition – 12 AprilGermany

MARCH 2017

Blog Do Harry

Blog Do HarryUltra Fiord will Receive Squadron of Catalan Trail Runners – 25 MarchBrazil

Trails Endurance

Trail EnduranceUltra Fiord 2017 – 10 MarchBrazil


Carreras de Montana

Carreras de MontanaFrom 50K to 100 Miles. Interview with Stjepan Pavicic by Mayayo – 28 FebruarySpain


Carreras de Montana

Carreras de MontanaInterview with Stjepan Pavicic by Mayayo – 23 JanuarySpain width=30 height=30 /></h4><p></p><div
class=sources id=redbull><h2 class=Moxigeno

MoxigenoRoad to Ultrafiord: Carreras de Montaña in Patagonia with Stjepan Pavicic
– 26 January

Trail Run

Trail Run ESUltra Fiord, the Most Followed Race after UTMB – 15 JanuarySpain



NHK World – Japan

NHK World JapanRunning in God’s Territory: Patagonia’s Extreme Trail Race — November 13, 2016Japan

APRIL 2016

Carreras de Montana

CarrerasdeMontanaULTRAFIORD 2016 (PATAGONIA) — 19 April 2016Spain

Do Iúri Totti

Blog DoiuritottiAthlete Space: Report by Manuela Vilaseca, Champion of the Ultra Fiord
2016’s 70km — 23 April 2016

Blog DoiuritottiAthlete Space: Report by Weliton Carius, Champion of the Ultra Fiord
2016’s 100km — 19 April 2016


GloboesporteUltramarathonist Fernando Nazario Returns to Uberlândia after being in
Chile — April 2016

Jornal Corrida

Jornal CorridaIn Wild Patagonia — April 2016Brazil



UltraFiord 100k, 2016 — 18 April 2016Canada

Maroela Media

Marcelo MediaSouth Afrikaner Excels at Chilean Ultramarathon — 29 April 2016South Africa

Midia Sport

Midia SportUltra Fiord 2016 — 27 April 2016Brazil

Midia SportMan Vilaseca at Ultra Fiord’s 70K — 10 April 2016Brazil

Midia SportFernando Nazario defends Title in Ultra Fiord’s 100K — 3 April 2016Brazil

Programa Fôlego

Programa FolegoFor the Strong and Fearless — April 2016Brazil

Programa FolegoPrograma Fôlego – Ultra Fiord — April 2016Brazil

Programa FolegoWe Run – Ultra Fiord — April 2016Brazil

Rock & Run

Rock & RunRock & Run — 20 April 2016Chile

Running News

Running NewsNIGSA Announces Plan with New Guidelines for Ultra Fiord’s
Third Edition — 28 April 2016

Running NewsFiord Starts: It is not ballad but who can dance
is you — 25 April 2016

Running NewsJordi Tosas speaks exclusively about Mountains and
Ultra Fiord — 12 April 2016

Solo Running

Solo RunningUltra Fiord 2016, Do you want a Culprit? — April 2016Chile

Solo Running100 Miles UF | A Passage to the End of the World — April 2016Chile

Solo Running50K UF | Latitude or Altitude? — April 2016Chile

Solo RunningUltra Fiord 2016 Began with News — April 2016Chile


Outdoor Fitness

Outdoor FitnessUltra Fiord: Essential Info — 10 February 2016UK

Outdoor FitnessPleasure and Pain — 10 February 2016UK


Run Society

Run SocietyYou Do Not Need To Be An Extreme Trail Runner To Appreciate
The Ultra Fiord’s Beauty — 5 January 2016




DeporloversThe Toughest Trail Running Races of the World: Challenge to Nature
— 2 September 2015

Trail Runner Magazine

Trail Runner MagazineUltra Fiord Patagonia: Photos From the Wildest Race Ever — 1 September 2015United States

JULY 2015

TrailRun Mag

Trail Run MagazineWhy do we go to the Mountains? — July 2015Australia

JUNE 2015

Midia Sport

Midia SportUltra Fiord: Videos and Tips for Confronting It — 11 June 2015Brazil

Trail Chile

Trail Chile5 Must-Run Races in Latin AmericaChile

MAY 2015

Cambio 2000

Cambio 2000Great Performances in Ultra Fiord from Canero and Seronero — 05 May 2015Argentina


CompetitorGlobal Running: Pushing the Limits at the Ultra Fiord Trail Races
in Chile — 1 May 2015
United States

Corredor de Montana

Corredor de MontanaUltra Fiord, the Wild Side of the Chilean Fjords — 03 May 2015Spain


CorriendoUltra Fiord — 06 May 2015Chile

Red Bull Adventure

Red Bull AdventureThis is the Ultra-Trail at the End of the World: Here’s why the Ultra Fiord
race across Patagonia might just be the toughest race on earth — 18 May 2015

Sleep Monsters

Sleep Monsters“Off to see the Wizard”: Post race interview with Stjepan Pavicic — 05 May 2015UK

When the 100miler race had started, what seems like a lifetime ago, in the tingling excitement of going into the new and the unknown, I had started singing in the van, “We’re off to see the wizard..” Late Monday afternoon, a week after the inaugural edition of the Ultra Fiord had finished, I was off to the NIGSA offices in Punta Arenas to see Stjepan Pavicic,… READ MORE

Ultra Trail Brasil

UT BrasilProfile: Enzo Amato — 05 May 2015Brazil

APRIL 2015

Adventure Magazine

Adv MagBetter Days – Fernando Nazário Report – 2015 Ultra Fiord 114km Champion — 26 April 2015Brazil

Ahora Calafate

AhoraCalafate12 Years Ago He was in a Coma 3, now He Ran the Ultra Fiord’s 114km — 28 April 2015Argentina

Alto Lab

AltoLabJeff Browning victorious in Ultra Fiord – Patagonia, Chile — 20 April 2015United States

BV Sport

BV SportChronicle by Aurell Pere – ULTRA FIORD 2015 (Patagonia, Chile) — 30 April 2015 Spain

Carreras de Montana

CarrerasdeMontanaTrail Running in Patagonia: From Ultra Fiord’s Podium to the
base of Torres del Paine — 25 April 2015

El Pinguino

El PinguinoToday Begins the Athletic Challenge, Ultra Fiord,
in Puerto Natales — 16 April 2015

Go Bronco Billy

GoBroncoBillyUltra Fiord: 108 Wild Miles in Patagonia Chile — 28 April 2015United States

Green Bean

GreenBeanUltra Fiord 70miles – 2nd place — 22 April 2015UK

I Love Runn

I Love RunnUltra Fiord 2015 — 23 April 2015Argentina

We were in Chilean Patagonia over the weekend, running and creating the best image of a Great Race’s First Edition, which brought together the world’s best Trail exponents….READ MORE

i Run Far

iRunFarThis Week In Running: April 20, 2015 — 20 April 2015United States

Merrell Running

Merrell RunningUltra Fiord Chronicle by Gemma Pla and Pere Aurell — 29 April 2015Spain

Midia Sport

Midia SportUltra Fiord 2015, my longest 114km — 26 April 2015Brazil

In the deep dark night, with a full moon waning, in the woods with nothing more than the headlight’s bright light, and 16 hours of running on the legs, I had just passed the halfway point…READ MORE

O Globo

O GloboAthlete Space: Manu Vilaseca, Champion of Ultra Fiord´s First Edition, Chile
— 20 April 2015

Patagonia Diario Digital

Patagonia DiarioFeatures of Ultra Fiord 2015 — 21 April 2015Chile

Radio Polar

Radio PolarUltra Fiord, the Adventure Race in Torres del Paine, results in a Wonderful Experience
— 24 April 2015

Radio PolarSernatur Supports the Creation of Ultra Fiord Patagonia Chile
— 19 April 2015


RecorriendoInspiring Images: Ultra Fiord Patagonia, Chile — 21 April 2015Chile

Rock & Run

Rock & RunRock & Run — 18 April 2015Chile

Second special program for Ultra Fiord from the Hotel Remota in Puerto Natales, in this post-race opportunity, recounting event details from all distances and our experience in the race…READ MORE

Run, Fit & Fun

Run Fit FunUltra Fiord 2015, ultra strong ultra hard … … Ultra All what! — 23 April 2015France

Running Ultra Marathons

Running Ultra MarathonsPatagonia Ultrafiord 100 mile, 100k and 70k race report Part 1: The only way out
is through — 23 April 2015

Whoa. Ultrafiord was a BIG race – and not what most people were expecting. There is lots to talk about. Whatever happens with the future of this ultramarathon, this inaugural edition is sure to become a legend in the ultrarunning world. So this race report will be in two parts: this installment describing the ultramarathon route and racers’ experiences, and the second installment providing a bit of an analysis….READ MORE

Running Ultra MarathonsPatagonia Ultrafiord to be an extremely tough route — 15 April 2015Canada

I’m just in from 6 days fastpacking in Torres del Paine National Park: a good way to burn your legs out a few days before running an ultramarathon. Also a good way to see how unreliable weather forecasts are here in Chilean Patagonia…READ MORE

Sleep Monsters

Sleep MonstersThe Land of Fairies and Trolls: Struggling Through the Course — 21 April 2015UK

The unseasonably heavy rains in the lead up to the race had had the race director concerned about the state of the course. About two kilometers after the first of countless river crossings the terrain became muddier than it had been before. At some points runners …READ MORE

Sleep MonstersOne Hundred Miles: Part One — 17 April 2015UK

The first distance to start the Ultra Fiord was the 100 mile race. It takes a specific type of person to run one hundred miles, no matter what the continent and 36 of that specific type toed the starting line at 00:00; 32 men and 4 women. The start line was…READ MORE

Sleep Monsters“Finding Traction” in Chilean Patagonia — 16 April 2015UK

The largest website for trail running in Chile, Trail Chile, hosted the Trails in Motion film festival in the exquisitely exclusive Remota hotel in Puerto Natales in the afternoon before the start of the 100 miles race. The owner of the website…READ MORE


SoberaniaSernatur Supports the Creation of Ultra Fiord Patagonia Chile — 17 April 2015Chile

Solo Running

Solo RunningUltra Fiord: Welcome to Patagonia — 23 April 2015Chile

Friday, 10:20 am, I have to cross a 20 meter-long river from end to end, questioning if the rope is sufficiently tight. I said no, i should cross the water and take the rope. The water comes up to my chest, and on the other side a guide who was giving me instructions for crossing asked me where I’m from. I answered Santiago. After reaching the shore, I said goodbye, and he in turn replied, “Welcome to Patagonia!”…READ MORE

Solo RunningUltra Fiord: The Dream of Sub 3 Hours — 22 April 2015Chile

It all starts talking with Stjepan, commenting on my quest to descend the 3 hours in the race. He, meanwhile, told me that due to the difficulty and seclusion of the terrain, that descending three hours would be very, very difficult…READ MORE

Solo RunningUltra Fiord: Running with the Legs and the Head — 22 April 2015Chile

When I decided to go to Ultra Fiord, it was without a doubt a perfect excuse to be close to Torres del Paine National Park, mistakenly thinking that Puerto Natales only had that to offer. Well, the race was a slap in the face to all my ideas, showing me that I can say with certainty, Patagonia has it all!!!…READ MORE

Territory Run

Territory RunPDX Trail Running Business Owners in Patagonia — April 2015United States

Trail Chile

Trail ChileUltra Fiord – Part 1 — 23 April 2015Chile

Ultra Fiord’s inaugural edition already left an unforgettable mark on each of its runners, volunteers, and people that made this race come to life. A journey of more than 24 hours marked by a progressive, difficult route…READ MORE

Trail ChileInterview with Rodrigo Canuto Errázuriz after Ultra Fiord — 22 April 2015Chile

Rodrigo Canuto Errázuriz wanted to be a part of Ultra Fiord’s first edition, but in this opportunity, he was not able to finish the race. Lack of training and motivation are some of the reasons…READ MORE

Trail ChilePost-Race Interview with Emmanuel Acuña and Enzo Ferrari — 21 April 2015Chile

2 Chilean runners who gave life to Ultra Fiord’s 108 Miles…READ MORE

Trail ChilePre-Race Interview with Manuela Vilaseca and Marcelo Sinoca — 15 April 2015Chile

A conversation with Manuela Vilaseca and Marcelo Sinoca (the North Face Brasil) about coming to run Ultra Fiord’s 70K…READ MORE

Trail ChilePre-Race Interview with Emmanuel Acuña and Cesar Montoya — 15 April 2015Chile

We talked with Cesar Montoya about running Ultra Fiord’s 100 Miles and the culture of trail running…READ MORE

Trail ChileInterview with Jaime Hume before Ultra Fiord’s 160K — 12 April 2015Chile

Trail ChileInterview with Verónica Bravo before Ultra Fiord’s 160K — 10 April 2015Chile

Trail ChileInterview with Enzo Ferrari before Ultra Fiord’s 160K — 9 April 2015Chile

Trail ChileInterview with Katherine Cañete before Ultra Fiord’s 100K — 8 April 2015Chile


U-RunUltra Fiord: More than a Trail, an Expedition — 27 April 2015France

Ultra Trail Brasil

UT BrasilBrazilian Fernando Nazário wins Ultra Fiord´s 114K — 20 April 2015Brazil

UltraTrailRun como estilo de Vida

UltraTrailRun como estilo de VidaRace Report Ultra Fiord 100 Miles — 20 April 2015Chile

Wild Defined

Wild DefinedOn Becoming a Conqueror: Ultra Fiord 108 mi — 25 April 2015United States

MARCH 2015

Full Outdoor

Full OutdoorVideo | A Long Journey towards the Magical World of Fjords— 04 March 2015Chile

Territory Run

Territory RunIn my Bloodstream: The Inaugural Ultra Fiord and the Magic of Patagonia — March 2015United States

Trail Chile

Trail ChileThe Beat of the Trail – Ultra Fiord Special — 04 March 2015Chile

We talked with Stjepan Pavicic, Ultra Fiord’s Race Director, about race detailes that will take place on April 16th. Running, equipment, climate… READ MORE


Green Bean

GreenBeanUltra Fiord pre-race interview with 100mile favourite – Joe Grant — 24 February 2015UK

Sleep Monsters

Sleep MonstersAmbassadors and Notable Runners for Ultra Fiord 2015 Revealed — 10 February 2015UK

The registration and selection process for Ultra Fiord’s inaugural edition, which will take place from April 16th to April 18th 2015, has continued to progress, obtaining interest from trail-runners around the world;… READ MORE

Solo Running

Solo RunningJoe Grant, From Coastal Challenge to Ultra Fiord — 11 February 2015Chile

Last week, we interviewed Joe Grant, one of the ambassadors who will be present in Ultra Fiord’s inaugural edition and go 100 miles between fjords… READ MORE

Trail Chile

Trail ChileInterview with Joe Grant before Ultra Fiord — 24 February 2015Chile

Within the scope of Ultra Fiord, we will begin a series of interviews with some of the runners…READ MORE

Trail ChileTrails in Motion Arrives in Chile — 9 February 2015Chile presents, for the first time in Chile, the best trail running movies and documentaries…READ MORE



CompetitorGlobal Running: Chilean Patagonia Is the Next Frontier of Trail Running
— 30 January 2015
United States

Full Outdoor

Full OutdoorULTRA FIORD PATAGONIA CHILE — 09 January 2015Chile

The first edition of this trail running race will take place between April 16th and 18th 2015, including four distances: 165 km, 107 km, 67 km y 29 km….READ MORE

Running Ultra Marathons

Running Ultra MarathonsPatagonia UltraFiord, April 2015: Southern Chile’s first 100 mile ultramarathon
(as well as 100k, 70k and 30k trail races) — 17 January 2015

We LOVE southern Chile! And we are going back, this April, to be a part of Patagonia’s first ever 100-mile ultramarathon race… not to mention the “shorter” trail run events in the 100k, 70k, and 30k categories…..READ MORE

Solo Running

Solo RunningBoifava to Ultra Fiord — 29 January 2015Chile

For the sake of Ultra Fiord’s inaugural edition, we have the opportunity to present some of the foreign competitors that will come to the April event…. READ MORE

Solo RunningUltra Fiord will have ITRA regulations — 05 January 2015Chile

We spoke with Stjepan Pavicic, director of one of the most anticipated races for this 2015, Ultra Fiord. This is what he told us:…. READ MORE


Esprit Trail

Esprit TrailULTRA FIORD – FROM 16 TO 18 APRIL 2015 — 16 December 2014France

Contrary to what the name of the race might suggest at first glance, it is not to go running in Norway, but in Chile, specifically in Patagonia…. READ MORE

Midia Sport

Midia SportUltra Fiord 100km, the Time has Come — 11 December 2014Brazil

Trail Chile

Trail Chile Ultra Fiord, 100 Miles in Chilean Patagonia — 18 December 2014Chile

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Here are two videos to convince you this is one of the places you will have to be next year…READ MORE