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3 FEBRUARY, 2024

55K - 42K - 30K - 16K
8th Edition
Ultra Fiord Event Flags

Since its first edition, ULTRA FIORD® has captured the attention of runners from around the world, in addition to both the national and international press. Ultra Fiord’s surprising images, its wild environment, its geographic location in the extreme south of the world, and the magnitude of the human challenge have all been a part of its appeal. To join the eighth edition of Ultra Fiord® as a media partner (3-feb-2024), send us an email at The following are some of the national and international media & TV that have covered the event over the years:

Denominaciones de la Prensa Internacional

  • Trail Runner Magazine (USA)
  • Runners World (South Africa)
  • NHK TV (Japan)
  • I Love Run (Argentina)
  • O Globo (Brazil)
  • I Run Far (USA)
  • Dzien Dobry TVN (Poland)
  • Sleep Monsters (UK)
  • Running Ultra (Canada)
  • Espirit Trail (Italy)
  • Run and Travel (Poland)
  • Midia Sport (Brazil)
  • Running News (Brazil)
  • Xtrem Sport
  • U-Trail Tout Le Trail (France)
  • Montagna Express (Italy)
  • Tarzan Magazine (Japan)
  • Corre Monts (Spain)
  • Running.Be (Be)
  • Nordic Magazine (France)
  • Outdoor Magazyn (Poland)
  • AdventureMag (Brazil)
  • Run Fit Fun (France)
  • Carreras de Montaña (Spain)
  • U-Run (France)
  • Ahotu Marathons (France)
  • Canadian Running (Canada)
  • Corre Colombia
  • Napieraj (Poland)
  • Endondecorrer (Mexico)
  • Freewaysport (Brazil)
  • Melty Xtrem (France)
  • Mount Airy News (USA)
  • Nació Muntanya (Spain)
  • Trail Run (Spain)
  • Triathlon Blogger (Sweden)
  • Ultra Run TV (USA)
  • Ultra Mag (France)
  • Wild Defined (USA)
  • Red Bull Adventure (USA)
  • Programa Folego (Brazil)
  • Jornal Corrida (Brazil)
  • Running News (Brazil)
  • Cade Corrida (Brazil)
  • Cicao (Brazil)
  • Corredor de Montaña (Spain)
  • Free Man (Mexico)
  • Mts Magazine (Japan)
  • Triangulo Esporte (Brazil)
  • Blog Do Harry (Brazil)
  • Trails Endurance Magazine (France)
  • Journal Do Trail (France)
  • World trail Runners (Alemania)
  • Ultra Mania de Correr (Brazil)
  • Elevation Outdoor (USA)
  • Polska Biega (Poland)
  • Kiss The Mountain (Spain)
  • Correre (Italy)
  • Ultra Running Magazine (USA)
  • Portal Corrida (Brazil)
  • Jornal Metas (Brazil)
  • Cracks de la Montaña (Mexico)
  • Outdoor Go (France)

Denominaciones de la Prensa Nacional

  • FullOutdoors
  • Solo Runnig
  • Soy Ultra
  • Corredor Promedio
  • La Voz del Trail
  • Trail Chile
  • Running TV
  • CNN
  • As
  • El Mercurio
  • Run Chile
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