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Frequently Asked Questions

3 FEBRUARY, 2024

55K - 42K - 30K - 16K
8th Edition
Ultra Fiord Event Flags

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions page of Ultra Fiord®. Here you may find answers to most of your questions. Should you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at

General Information

1. What is trail running?

According to the ITRA (International Trail Running Association), trail running is defined as running through a natural environment (mountains, deserts, forests, plains, etc.) with a minimum amount of paved or asphalted roads, which must not exceed 20% of the total course. The type of terrain may vary (dirt path, forest footpaths, trails, etc.), and the route must be properly marked. Within this general context provided by ITRA, Running is an intensive way to connect with nature; it is a life experience.

2. Why is it called Ultra Fiord®?

The term “Ultra Fiord” is the result of the combination between two concepts: Ultra and Fiord. Ultra, in a sports context, is associated with challenges that go beyond usual limits, which is the factor that defines the event’s character. The other term, which defines the foundation of this Ultra Trail Running, is Fiord (Fjord), or Fiordo in Spanish, and is used to highlight the many fjords located in Chilean Patagonia. Ultra Fiord® is a journey into a magical world of fjords, one that will lead to discovering this territory shaped by the passage of glaciers. Chile is one of the only countries with fjords, and even more, the thousands and thousands of kilometers of these that have accumulated are still preserved, making it perhaps one of the country’s best-kept secrets. If you wish to see them, you can observe them through a map of Chile’s extreme southwestern end, and find them hidden under the names of “channel,” “strait,” or others that hide the true origin of these giants, which are actually Fjords in origin!

3. Where will Ultra Fiord® take place?

The event will be held in the Province of Ultima Esperanza (Last Hope), Magellan and Chilean Antarctica Region. The region’s capital is Punta Arenas; however, the closest town and logistics center to the course is Puerto Natales.

4. What is the race format for Ultra Fiord®?

The race format is going to be a non-stop, semi-autonomous race. This means that each runner must be independent between aid stations (PAS), which in general will be located at distances of 5 to 8km, except for the 55K, which will have a 20km stretch of autonomy. Thus, in order to endure any possible weather or physical conditions that may arise, each runner must carry mandatory equipment at all times (see equipment list in Race Rules). Similarly, the runner must carry a sufficient amount of nutrition and hydration to last each leg of the race. Ultra Fiord® adheres to the values of sportsmanship, loyalty, solidarity, and environmental respect.

5. What types of terrain are crossed in Ultra Fiord®?

Ultra Fiord®’s route passes through wild and pristine territory: forests, mountains, rivers, lakes and glaciers make up the natural scenery for this event. The race trails are on uneven or rugged surfaces, which include areas that cross over rocks, mud, peats, dirt and even, depending on the present weather conditions, areas that are covered in snow for the longer distances.

6. How will the route be marked?

The race route will be clearly marked, primarily by blue stakes with a reflective border at the top and in some areas white tape. The frequency of the markers will depend on the specific characteristics of that race area and the type of path or track you are following. They will be more frequent when there are less clearings and visibility.

7. What race distances are included in the eighth edition of Ultra Fiord®?

16K8 hrs10:00 hrsBASE CAMP
30K8 hrs10:00 hrsBASE CAMP
42K12 hrs08:00 hrsBASE CAMP
55K14 hrs06:00 hrsBASE CAMP
8. What categories will be included in Ultra Fiord®? And how will they be awarded?

The runners from each race distance will be classified according to the following table of categories, which is based on the runner’s age as of the date for their race distance:

CategoryAge Range: MalesAge Range: Females
Guanacos18 — 2918 — 29
Pumas30 — 3930 — 39
Huemules40 — 4940 — 49
Zorros50 — 5950 — 59
Condores60 — 6960 — 69
Milodones70 +70 +
NOTE: The categories have been chosen in recognition to the course’s natural environment, being assigned a name that corresponds to the wildlife inhabiting the area.
  • All runners that cross the finish line within the established time limits will receive a finisher medal.
  • For the ULTRA FIORD® 16K, 30K, 42K and 55K, in addition to the finisher medal, the first three finishers of each category, which are determined by age and gender, will be awarded an additional medal (1st, 2nd, or 3rd). In addition, for each distance, the three best overall times will be awarded as well for both the men and women.
9. What are the starting points, time limits, altitudes, and aid stations for each race distance?
DifficultyHardHardHardVery Hard
Total Distance (km)16.329.343.555.7
Maximum Altitude710 masl845 masl1,110 masl1,180 masl
Maximum Race Time10 hrs.10 hrs.12 hrs.15 hrs.
Starting LineBase Camp
Río Serrano
Base Camp
Río Serrano
Base Camp
Río Serrano
Base Camp
Río Serrano
Starting Time10:0010:0006:0006:00
Finish LineBase Camp
Río Serrano
Base Camp
Río Serrano
Base Camp
Río Serrano
Base Camp
Río Serrano
Cut-Off Time20:0020:0018:0021:00
Finish Line Cut-Off21:3021:3021:3021:30
Aid Stations (PAS)*4579
Self-Registration Points (PAR)NoNoNoYes (3)
Drop BagStart / FinishStart / FinishStart / FinishStart / Finish
Mandatory EquipmentYesYesYesYes
Virtual Race Briefing**RecommendedRecommendedRecommendedRecommended
* The Starting Line and Finish Line are both considered as a PAS.
NOTE: The content included in the table is preliminary and subject to change. It could be modified over the coming months.
10. Will there be intermediate cut-off points?

Yes, for security and logistical reasons, cut-off times will be set at intermediate points. Please see Article 10 of the Rules and Regulations.

11. Can my team members, friends, or family accompany me along the race?

During the course of the entire Race, outside assistance is strictly prohibited. Runners are only allowed to have contact with their team, family members or friends at the starting lines and finish line.

12. What is the control process during the race?

Runners will receive a Race Passport after their Mandatory Gear Check in Puerto Natales. In this passport, it is mandatory for each runner to register him/herself at every Aid Station (PAS), the Starting Line, and the Finish Line.

The organization also reserves the right to check the mandatory equipment, which will be noted in the race passport.

It is the runner´s responsibility to check him/herself in at each PAS / PC listed in the Race Passport. If a runner is missing a check-in from one or more PC / PAS, the organization reserves the right to disqualify the runner and/or not include his/her time in the finals results.

13. Can I send a personal equipment bag to intermediate points or the finish line?

For all of the races during ULTRA FIORD® 2024, runners can send a bag with personal items (Drop Bag) to the Finish Line. These Drop Bags must be entered directly at each respective Starting Line. This Drop Bag may only be used for nutrition and/or clothing. It may NOT, however, be used to carry electronic equipment, fragile items, or anything of value. For each race distance, the organization will provide personalized stickers to be placed on each bag.

14. How is the weather this time of year at the race location?

In Patagonia’s Extreme South, weather conditions are both highly variable and unpredictable in all four seasons. However, in February, it will be middle of summer in this area, which usually consists of strong winds, although exceptions may exist. Overall, average temperatures range from 4 to 12ºC, being even close to 0ºC in the high mountain areas.

NOTE: In reference to weather conditions, the mandatory equipment seeks to improve the race experience, while also serving as an important part of your safety and comfort during the event. Selecting and evaluating each item is the runner’s responsibility.

15. Will restrooms be available at the starting points?

The Race takes place far away from urban centers and places, so runners will only have access to bathrooms and facilities at the Starting Line and Finish Line. Therefore, if necessary, runners must be at least 60 meters away from any water source and utilize the technique “cathole.” Runners must try to avoid roads and animal tracks as well.

16. I am flying to the race, where should I land and how can I reach the race area?

When entering Chile from outside the country, one must first arrive in Santiago, Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport, code SCL (Aeropuerto Internacional Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez). From this airport, there are frequent flights to Punta Arenas, President Carlos Ibáñez del Campo Airport (Aeropuerto Internacional Presidente Carlos Ibáñez del Campo), which is the closest airport to Puerto Natales and the Ultra Fiord® race zone. The airport code is PUQ. The capital of the Magellan and Chilean Antarctica Region. From Punta Arenas, there are regular bus services to Puerto Natales (250km). From Puterto Natales there will be special bus services to travel to the race’s starting points.

17. How can I go from Puerto Natales to the starting points?

Runners have the option of taking the official event buses from Puerto Natales to the Starting Lines and then back from the Finish Line to Puerto Natales. It is possible to purchase a bus ticket, which includes the possibility of adding one or more companions to accompany the journey, during the registration process.

Runner’s Kit & Equipment Revision

1. Where can I go to retrieve my runner’s kit?

Before a runner is able to pick up his/her runner’s kit, he/she MUST complete an equipment check, which is mandatory for ALL race distances. Should a runner fail this equipment check, he/she will have a second opportunity to find the piece(s) of missing equipment and return to complete the revision. The equipment revision will be based on the following schedule:

1, February16:00 – 20:00Hotel Costaustralis
2, February10:00 – 22:00Hotel Costaustralis
2. What is included in the Runner’s Kit?
  • Official Runners Shirt ULTRA FIORD®
  • Official Elastic Cylindrical Headband ULTRA FIORD®
  • Official Race Number and Race Passport
  • Returnable timing chip
  • Final Drop Bag Sticker for Finish Line (all distances)


1. What are the dates of the registration period?

Registration for this eighth edition will open on Thursday, 23 February, 2023 and close on Thursday, 4 January, 2024. In order to be begin the registration and selection process, you must go to our Registration Section.

2. What is the registration cost and what is included?

For more information about the prices and registration process go directly to the Registration Section.

Registration Payment Includes:
– Route Design, exploration, clearing, cleaning, and marking
– Support Staff and Medical Team during the Race
– First Aid, Search, Rescue, and Evacuation Teams
– Ground or sea transportation in case of evacuations or race withdrawals
– Hydration and food stations along the course route and at the Finish Line
– Control in strategic areas
– Official Runners Shirt ULTRA FIORD® 2024
– Official Elastic Cylindrical Headband ULTRA FIORD® 2024
– Official Race Number and Race Passport
– Final Drop Bag Sticker for Finish Line (all distances)
– Finisher’s medal upon crossing the Finish Line
– Medal for Category/Overall Winners (Please see General Rules for distance-specific awards
– PDF Documents: Rules and Regulations, Runner’s Guide, Race Map, Elevation Profile with aid stations
Registration Payment DOES NOT Include:
– Transfer to/from Punta Arenas
– Any form of transportation not previously mentioned as being included in registration
– Accommodation
– Unspecified Services
3. How can I register? What is the registration process?

Registration can be made by completing the registration process. Upon pre-registration, participant will pay a non-refundable deposit of $12.000 CLP (USD $20.00) to secure his/her spot in the race. The runner´s application will be reviewed by the organization to access if he/she has met the requirements of his/her selected race distance. This will take 1-7 working days. Once your application has been approved, you will receive a unique confirmation link from the race organizer in order to complete the registration process by making full payment online for the entry fee within 10 consecutive days of notification. Should the participant not complete the process within the time limit, his/her spot could be given to another runner, but should his/her spot in the race still be available and the registration period has changed, the link will be invalid and therefore updated to reflect the updated registration fee.

Successful applicants will be required to send in the following documents (which will be sent to the applicants via email) at least one month before the event:

  • Medical certificate that clearly indicates a runner’s ability to complete this sort of activity, specifically including the completion of the specified distance.
  • A signed copy of the event’s disclaimer form.
4. What are the requirements for entering the race?

All runners should have previous Trail Running experience, and all additional experience included in mountain-type events will be an additional benefit. In order for an applicant to participate in ULTRA FIORD®, they must complete the following pre-requisites:

  • ULTRA FIORD® 16K: Have completed at least 2 trail-running events of distances greater than or equal to 10K.
  • ULTRA FIORD® 30K: Have completed at least 3 trail-running events of distances greater than or equal to 20K.
  • ULTRA FIORD® 42K: Have completed at least 3 trail-running events of distances greater than or equal to 42K.
  • ULTRA FIORD® 55K: Have completed at least 3 trail-running events of distances greater than or equal to 50K.

In order to be eligible for the event, the runners must meet the required experience. All applications will be evaluated, and only runners that have proven the minimum necessary requirements will be accepted. These requirements are requested to ensure a good level of event security during the race, as well as ensuring a good experience for all participants.

Please note that physical and physiological demands for the event are high, and a schedule of cut-off times will be included in the race, which could cut some unprepared runners out of the race.

5. In what ways can I complete my registration payment?

For international runners, payment must be made in USD through an international credit card. For runners residing in Chile, payment must be made in CLP through either a credit card, debit card, bank transfer, or WebPay.

6. How do I know that I actually am a confirmed runner for ULTRA FIORD®?

Once accepted and payment has been completed, the ULTRA FIORD® runner will receive a confirmation email, as long as all the following has been completed:

  • The registration form has been completed and accepted by WETRAVEL.
  • Received application confirmation (Within 1-7 days of completing registration).
  • Paid the registration cost
7. What should I do if I have registered, paid the registration cost, but have not received any form of confirmation from the organization after a few days?

First, ensure that you have not received the confirmation email in your spam folder by checking the junk folder in your email. If there is still no email, please send us an email at explaining your situation, with an attachment of your payment confirmation. It is noteworthy to mention each registered runner is always sent a welcome email, so if you have not received a confirmation email, it usually means there has been a problem with completing your registration.

8. Can I change registration information once I have already confirmed my participation?

Yes, you can make any necessary change until registration closes by writing us an email at

9. Once enrolled, can I change my race distance? Until when can I make that change?

Any change to your registration can be completed at any time until registration closes. However, we please ask that you first send us an email at As long as you meet all the additional requirements for that race distance, and if there are still additional spots remaining, we will make the requested change.


1. For whatever reason, if I injure myself for example, and decide not to participate in ULTRA FIORD®, will I receive some percentage of return on my payment?
2. If for one reason or another I cannot compete in ULTRA FIORD®, can I transfer my registration to another runner?

Yes, it is possible to transfer your registration. In order to complete this change, you must confirm with us that your registration is closed and send us the name of the person who will take your place. Once this information is received, the new runner will have to pass through the regular pre-selection process in order to participate. Once accepted, we will send the new runner all of the necessary details to complete the registration process.

3. In the case that I do transfer my registration to another person, how do I know he or she is actually registered in my place now?

Similar to any registered runner, as soon as the change has been made, the new runner will receive a welcome email.

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