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Categories & Classification

For each race distance, the participants will be awarded according to both their final time and race category, which is defined by a participant’s age. The categories have been named in recognition of the natural environment in which Ultra Fiord® takes place; the assigned names correspond to the fauna that inhabit or have inhabited the zone.

CategoryAge Range: MenAge Range: Women
Guanacos18 – 2918 – 29
Pumas30 – 3930 – 39
Huemules40 – 4940 – 49
Foxes50 – 5950 – 59
Condors60 – 6960 – 69
Mylodones70 +70 +
See more details in Article 5 of the Rules and Regulations.

Categ Guanacos
Categ Pumas
Categ Huemules
Categ Zorros Foxes
Categ Condores
Categ Milodones Mylodones

Illustrations by Elvis Antonio Salazar (@elviscelanius).