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All information related to the official schedule for the event can be found in this section. It is your responsibility to remain attentive to this calendar and any and all possible modifications.


Registration for this seventh edition will be available on 2 March starting at 20:00 hrs. In order to be begin the registration and selection process, you must go to our Registration Section.

Virtual Technical Briefing

In the days leading up to ULTRA FIORD®, there will be a series of virtual technical race briefings (via Zoom), according to race distance and over two days, to allow runners to choose the time that better accommodates their schedule. Each briefing will last approximately 20 minutes, followed by about 10-15 minutes for any additional questioning. You must register for the event in order to confirm your participation. Once this is done, we will send you a link and access code to both your email and WhatsApp Number. It is highly recommended for the 16K y 30K race distances, but is mandatory in order to run in the 42K & 55K race distances.

16K26 Jan21:00 (GMT+1)
30K21:00 (GMT+1)
42K21:00 (GMT+1)
55K21:00 (GMT+1)
16K29 Jan21:00 (GMT+1)
30K21:00 (GMT+1)
42K21:00 (GMT+1)
55K21:00 (GMT+1)

Equipment Revision, Runner’s Passport & Runner’s Kit

The runner’s kit can be collected in Puerto Natales according to the following schedule:

1 February15:00 – 20:00Remota Patagonia Lodge, Puerto Natales
2 February10:00 – 22:00Remota Patagonia Lodge, Puerto Natales


All buses will depart from the Plaza de Armas in Puerto Natales (Hermann Eberhard street, in front of the church).

55K3 February04:00Plaza de Armas, Puerto Natales
42K3 February06:00Plaza de Armas, Puerto Natales
30K3 February08:00Plaza de Armas, Puerto Natales
16K3 February08:00Plaza de Armas, Puerto Natales


The following schedules are presented according to race distance*:

DistanceDateStarting TimeLocation
55K3 February06:00 hrs.Campamento Base Río Serrano
42K3 February08:00 hrs.Campamento Base Río Serrano
30K3 February10:00 hrs.Campamento Base Río Serrano
16K3 February10:00 hrs.Campamento Base Río Serrano
*Starting times & locations are tentative and could be modified.

NOTE: All pre-race events, which include kit pick up and the bus departure to the starting lines, take place in Puerto Natales. It is a runner’s personal responsibility to present him/herself in the starting location one hour before the official starting time, whether it be through personal means of transportation, private/hired shuttle or the official buses for the event.